Find a Therapist

Finding a good therapist can be tricky, just like online dating. But once you find the “right one”, it’s like a match made in heaven! If you feel discouraged through this process, keep persisting because options ARE available. Tap into every resource, contact, and organization you can to get the right type of help you need. If you have OCD, look for a therapist that practices Exposure-Response Prevention and specializes in OCD. Read these tips from the International OCD Foundation on how to find the right therapist.

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A widely-used resource, Psychology Today offers a search tool which allows you to place filters in order to find the right therapist for you. Filters such as zip-code, health insurance, mental health issue, type of therapy, sexual orientation, age, language, faith, and ethnicity served can narrow down the options and make the process less overwhelming.

The International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) provides a help directory where you can search for therapists, psychiatrists, clinics, residential programs, outpatient programs, and support groups all in your area.

NOCD is an organization aimed at providing resources to OCD patients at a free or affordable cost. OCD Specialists can be expensive and many insurance companies do not provide coverage for OCD treatment. NOCD tele-therapists accept most insurances, and even if they do not accept your insurance, the out-of-pocket fee per session is half the price of an average OCD Specialist.