Hear first-hand stories from the OCD and mental health community!

by Natasha Peters

Hello, Pure O

Natasha Peters was born and raised in Southern California. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband, 2 children and their dog Cali. Natasha was diagnosed with Pure O OCD in 2014. She has since learned to effectively manage her OCD and live a happy life. She is currently writing her first book that…

A Room Without Walls

Vinay Krishnan, a writer, attorney, and activist living in Brooklyn, has had much strength and perseverance over the years dealing with his OCD journey. He has combated multiple adversaries such as cultural stigma and questioning his own morality due to OCD being known as “the doubting disorder.” He is the National Field Organizer for the…

Le Choix (“The Choice”)

Le Choix is a dance piece choreographed and performed by Falkner Discher, representing his OCD and how he chooses to respond to it. Falkner Discher is a professional dance artist located in Baltimore, Maryland. Through his various outlets in the arts he strives to provide insight and context for others. In addition to dancing he…


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